Turbo Tax and QuickBooks are examples of some of the simple tools meant to handle transactional and simple tax tasks. However, small business tax codes are far from simple. The ever-changing tax regulations and complex rules such as depreciation are why small business tax planning is crucial to your business health. As certified public accountants, we are required to know the latest tax changes — we go beyond entering numbers in software. We look for tax saving opportunities all year long. Our tax planning expertise is one of the reasons why so many of our clients recommend us.

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When it comes to small business tax planning, business owners can tap into many different tax-saving strategies. We will work with you to determine if a specific strategy is right for you. Some of the options we may recommend are:

  • Changing to an S-election from an LLC
  • Reclassifying your expenses
  • Implementing a 401(k), simple IRA or other retirement plan
  • Using cost segregation (reclassify rental property assets into real and personal property)
  • Purchasing a new or used SUV, van or truck
  • Deferring income to the next year or pulling ahead expenses
  • Manipulating taxable income using Code Sec. 179 or accelerated depreciation provisions for equipment and other asset purchases
  • Paying some bills like insurance in a different manner
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Our Testimonials

"The company has saved me a bunch of money. I use them for both my personal and business needs. Anytime I have questions, they are always there."

A.P., Powell Leasing, LLC, Milford, MI