We provide cash flow accounting and consulting services because knowing how much money is coming into your business and how much is leaving is essential. If you are like most businesses, you have to deal with slow paying customers and/or seasonal revenue peaks and valleys. Even if you are profitable, both of these situations can strain your finances and hurt your credit rating. We can help you manage your cash flow so that you always have the funds to pay your bills on time and assist you with anticipating the future.

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Our cash flow consulting services will help you avoid a cash pinch from fluctuating revenue and dry spells.

We can:

  • Tell you how much cash you need to protect your business under different conditions
  • Identify processes that slow down your invoicing and collections
  • Increase your liquidity
  • Give guidance on paying down your debt and reducing monthly financial commitments such as high-interest rates or late payment fees
  • Increase your credit worthiness
  • Help you avoid overspending
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Our Testimonials

"The company has saved me a bunch of money. I use them for both my personal and business needs. Anytime I have questions, they are always there."

A.P., Powell Leasing, LLC, Milford, MI