When it comes to paying your taxes, B. W. SMITH + COMPANY’s personal tax accountants take a proactive approach. We will work with you, and if appropriate, your financial advisors and your attorney to minimize your taxes and help you reach your financial goals. As seasoned personal tax accountants with over 20 years of experience, we know how to serve people from all walks of life. Often after talking with clients, we are able to make valuable tax savings recommendations, which is something a software program just cannot do! We are experts in avoiding unnecessary taxes and avoiding the IRS.

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Software will complete tax return, but it will not have a conversation with you about how you could pay less taxes. It pays to use our individual tax services if you:

  • Need IRS representation
  • Own or recently sold a house or rental properties
  • Earn interest income, dividend income or have capital gains
  • Have freelance income
  • Work out of the home or own a business
  • Are in the stock market
  • Want to start estate and gift planning
  • Have a special situation that calls for an amended returns
  • Need to delay filing your tax return (file an extension)
  • Want guidance on charitable contributions
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Our Testimonials

"The company has saved me a bunch of money. I use them for both my personal and business needs. Anytime I have questions, they are always there."

A.P., Powell Leasing, LLC, Milford, MI