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It is not easy for small businesses or the self-employed to obtain loans and financial capital. A financial statement review gives the assurances lenders, investors and regulators need in order to approve a loan. B. W. SMITH + COMPANY, PC, CPAs offer financial statement services (reviews and compilations).

We find that it is better to go beyond the standard financial compilation. That is why we routinely provide recommendations for making your financial statements better.

Area lenders and investors trust us and know we will provide accurate financial statements reviews and compilations so that they can approve your loan with confidence. Many of them refer their most important customers to us!

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Do I need a financial statement review or a financial statement compilation?

  • Financial statement reviews are for lenders or external organizations that want to validate your business’s financial health. Our certified public accountants will make inquiries and use other means to corroborate the information or data you provide about your company. If necessary, we will update your financial information.
  • Financial statement compilations are mainly used for internal purposes. We collect your current financial information and provide financial statements and supplemental schedules. Financial statement compilations services differ from reviews in two key ways. Unlike a financial statement review, no inquiries or other efforts are made to corroborate the information or data provided by the company. Because a validation of the finances is not performed, we do not offer any assurances.
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Our Testimonials

"My husband and I have been using the services of B.W. Smith & Company since 2009 and couldn't be more satisfied. The entire team is very knowledgeable and friendly. They have prepared all the tax returns for our business and our personal income tax returns, as well as assisting with personal property statements and offering helpful financial advice."

Sandi Bockelman, Highland, MI