If you want to ease your stress and reduce your tax liabilities, it is important to work with someone who is an expert in personal or individual tax preparation. Our tax professionals go beyond entering numbers in software. Software programs have only one goal, calculate numbers you enter and print a return. If you do not correctly interpret the software’s directions, you will not file an accurate tax return. Remember, the chances are slim that the IRS will tell you that you over paid your taxes! We will. And, we will stop you from paying too much in taxes. Our goal is to get you the biggest refund that is legally possible.

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As part of our income tax preparation services, we provide FREE, safe and secure electronic filing to all our clients. This is means faster refunds. Some people have extenuating circumstances that may prevent them from using over-the-counter tax software programs. Because of our specialized software, we can still e-file your return. Here are more reasons why you should choose our tax preparation services.

We —

  • Have a reputation for integrity and accuracy.
  • Obtain the largest tax refunds allowed by law — GUARANTEED!
  • Discuss all financial matters in a confidence and prepare your returns in a private office.
  • Stand behind our work; no need to feel anxious about the IRS.
  • Offer no-wait-drop-off services.
  • Go beyond number crunching, we will tell you if you need to change things in the future to reduce your payroll withholding and lower your taxes.
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Our Testimonials

“I am very happy with the services from B. W. Smith + Company. They handle my personal taxes, payroll and company taxes.”

Adam Ruffin, New Hudson