If you receive a notice that there is an error on your federal or state tax return, professional help with your IRS problems is a must. Our experts can provide you with IRS representation on any federal, state or local issue. If you are facing an IRS audit, we are ready and willing to speak on your behalf. We will immediately contact the IRS, answer any questions the IRS may ask and work to minimize your stress and any money you owe. It is possible to get fines reduced or even set aside.

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Rule #1: Never face the IRS alone.

Without a formal summons, you cannot be forced to talk with the IRS.

This is why it is important to call us as soon as you receive a notice from the IRS. Our certified public accountants can provide you with unlimited IRS representation. Let us help you with:

  • Filing back tax returns
  • Stopping/removing liens and levies
  • Reducing your tax debt
  • Decreasing IRS fines
  • Replying to any IRS notice about an issue with your federal tax returns
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Our Testimonials

"If you have an audit, you want this firm by your side. When they helped me with my audit, we were not fined a single penny. When we first came to them, we had a real mess on our hands, and they fixed it."

S.U., Upco Waste Services, LLC, Milford, MI