We believe personal tax planning is an ongoing process. As part of our individual tax planning services, we encourage you to update us regularly on your financial matters so you can take full advantage of any credits and deductions. With over 20 years of personal tax planning and preparation for many different types of occupations, we can advise year-round on the daily financial decisions you have to make. If the IRS contacts you, we will handle any issues too!

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As your life changes and your finances become more complicated due to owning property or stock, the U. S. Tax Codes that apply to you are more complex. Plus the consequences of triggering an audit increase, if your household earns more than $250,000 or you take the home office related tax deductions. Advance tax planning can greatly diminish your risk of an audit.

Call us for a free consultation if:

  • You are not familiar with the tax codes and regulations
  • You have received an audit notice
  • You want to set aside money for the next generation
  • You want to pay less in taxes
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Our Testimonials

“We have used Brenda Smith for our taxes for years and they always do an awesome job!!!”

Denise Crews, New Hudson, MI